Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hot Sarah Lian as MYEG's "Internet Ah Moi" !!

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Hot Sarah Lian's as MYEG's "Internet Ah Moi" 

Was watching ESPN's SportsCenter few days back and saw this latest MYEG infomercial. And to my surprise, it was Sarah Lian acting as an Ah Moi, speaking in Chinese slang !! OMG !! Sarah Lian *faint faint* Apparently, her latest ad is creating buzz around the town.

Sarah Lian as the Internet Ah Moi

Sarah Lian was cast in  as the Internet Ah Moi, who is an enterprising young lady who run a business offering government transaction services, aided by, Malaysia's eGovt service portal and was constantly bug by a Malay dude. Damn farny I tell ya !!

Watch the video of Sarah Lian, the Internet Ah Moi of MYEG here

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