Saturday, September 4, 2010

*UPDATE*7.1 Magnitude Earthquake in New Zealand, 4th September

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*UPDATE*7.1 Magnitude Earthquake in New Zealand, 4th September

New Zealand's South Island or to be exact, the southern city of Christchurch has suffered a powerful earthquake of 7.1 magnitude in the early Saturday. Fortunately there were no deaths and only 2 injuries cases were reported so far.

There were reports of some people trapped in damaged buildings though none appeared to be crushed by rubble and unscrupulous looters broke into some of damaged shops in the city of 400,000, authorities said.
Familiar scene from the movie 2012 ?

A state of emergency was declared and army troops were on standby to assist after the quake, which hit 30 km west of Christchurch, according to the state geological agency GNS Science. No tsunami alert was issued.

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