Saturday, September 11, 2010

Playboy Model Tiffany Livingston Tried To Jump From Plane !!

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Playmate Tiffany Livingston Tried To Jump From Plane !!

Playboy girl, Tiffany Livingston, 21 was apparently suffering from a severe anxiety tried to open the door of the JetBlue Flight 522 from Orlando, Florida in mid air !! Is she crazy or what ??

Maybe she was not in the right frame of her mind

A source was saying that "She said she's gone through this before, but never this bad, and didn't have. her medication," Following the incident, Livingston was detained and placed in federal custody, with charges pending.

Following are some non-nude but classy photos of Playboy girl Tiffany Livingston
I found this picture a lil scary but it gave out some sexy vibe tho.

I love this photo of Tiffany Livingston the most !! Classy !!

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