Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Marion Caunter Confirms Marriage to Nasarudin

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Marion Caunter Confirms Marriage to Nasarudin

The  cat is out of the bag !! Chairman of Naza Group, Nasarudin,27 is marrying Marion Caunter,30 who is currently the host of E! News Asia together with Dom Lau. No date has been set but the marriage is definitely going to be in December.

Hot Girlfriend and Handsome Boyfriend - Marion Caunter and Nasarudin

And you think she will quit her glitzy showbiz career ? Nope, Marion is assuring us that TV is alawys her other love nad aside from converting to Islam, nothing else will change. Wonder what will Nasarudin give Marion caunter apart from engagement ring ? Maybe a Ferrari or Lamboghini ?

Congrats to Marion Caunter and Nasarudin !

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