Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Be Hanged Yong Vui Kong's Extension for Clemency Appeal

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To be Hanged Teenager, Yong Vui Kong' Get Extension for Clemency Appeal

Yong Vui Kong who is scheduled to be hanged in Singapore tomorrow has been granted an extension for his clemency appeal. Yong Vui Kong, 22 is a Malaysian drug mule was sentenced to death penalty for smuggling 47 grams of heroin into the republic island when he was then 18, in 2007.

The unition of Yong's six siblings who were split up after their parents divorced yesterday outside the gates of Singapore's presidential palace hoping to save their brother's life.

Give Vui Kong a Second Chance !!

Yong Vui Koon's family came with a petition bearing more than 100,000 signatures asking President SR Nathan to pardon Yong. Yong's 58-year-old father together with his sibling had knelt at the palace's entrance.

The 'Save Vui Kong' campaign had 100,000 signatures by Aug 23 to support a petition requesting clemency for Yong Vui Kong.

Support Donate To Save Vui Kong's Fund

Pledge your support for this poor young man, Yong Vui Koon as time is running out for him !! He does not deserve this ending. To help his friends and families member, kindly click on the URL

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SBdude said...

Please help him !!

Pls urge Malaysian government to help VK & Singapore President to grant him the clemency!

To donate to "Save Vui Kong" fund

To sign online petition

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