Saturday, August 14, 2010

M'sian Casanova Conwoman Cheated Man of RM400K

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Malaysian Casanova Conwoman, Michelle Lee Pai Yin Cheated Man of RM400K

The latest case of casanova conwoman has been caught and exposed !!Her real name is Michelle Lee Pai Yin, 25years old had conned six men from different locations in Malaysia and cheated them of RM400,000 since being their friends from 2002.

By making excuses and stories, she managed to charm her "victims" of handing over their hard earned money. Some of them even had no money left in their savings and she persuaded them to borrow them from the loan sharks. WTH !!

In the event of the man asking back their money or not given her the money, she would make excuses like commit suicide or going back to her hometown to avoid getting harassed by her victim.

Casanova Michelle Lee Pai Yin, you are such a BITCH !!

Apart from being greedy, the casanova had even being really mean to her victims by keeping the handphone and ATM cards. She even use the mobile number to her own use by cheating the victim's friends of their money !!

Currently in police custody, this bitch casanova Michelle Lee Pai Yin had no remorse feeling towards her opposite sex saying that she has not put anyone in trouble !! Go f*** yourself, bitch..

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