Monday, August 9, 2010

Model Julia Chuah Plunges to Her Death, No Foul Play !!

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Malaysian Model Julia Chuah was found death after falling from 12th floor

Julia Chuah or Julia Chuah Sheau Yen was dead at her Pantai Hill Park condominium last Saturday. Julia Chuah was an actress cum part time model met her death after falling from 12th floor. She was last seen crying for help when she held on to an ASTRO satellite dish.

Julia Chuah was last seen lying motionless at the parking bay

Her body landed on the parking area of the condominumPost mortem suggested that no foul play was involved after her remains were sent to Hospital Universiti Kuala Lumpur. The 31 year old model died from multiple hemorrhage resulted from the fall.

A man who believed to be her boyfriend was reprimanded by the police for further investigation till Friday.

Julia Chuah is a part time model cum actress

Julia Chuah has acted in several Malay and Chinese drama. Recently she had returned from London after completing her studies and lived with her boyfriend in the condominium.

I expressed my condolences to her family and close friends as she depicts someone who is smart and talented in everything she does. Too bad, we cant predict what would happen in the future for us.

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