Thursday, August 12, 2010

Komtar Seng - The Man Who Doused Himself With Petrol !!

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Komtar Seng - The Man Who Doused Himself With Petrol !!

Teoh Bak Seng also known as Komtar Seng said he never regret of dousing himself with petrol in front of the public at the Komtar building on Tuesday. He was then unconscious after his action and was brought to Penang Hospital.

He was seen very after angry and frustrated at the Komtar management who had closed 5 entrances to the VIP parkings at Level 2 since August 3 which resulted Komtar Seng to lose his daily income from RM200 daily to a meagre RM100 from his coffeeshop business in the past few days.
Komtar Seng's Coffeeshop in the building. See, the exit is sealed !!

Couldn't bear with the pain and all his pledge has gone to deaf ears, Teoh Bak Seng who brought a bottle of petrol, pour them all over his body. Penang Chief Miniter Lim Guan Eng and wife Betty Chew paid him a visit in the hospital.

For his action, it was deemed dangerous by the police and Komtar Seng could be charged with a year jail term or fine.

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