Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain Wins The Fifa World Cup 2010 in ET2 !!

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Spain Wins The Fifa World Cup 2010 in Extra Time 2 !!

Spain is the newly crowned football world champions after beating Holland 1-0 in the Fifa 2010 World Cup South Africa Finals. Goal from Andres Inieista in the final minutes of the 2nd second extra time was enough to give Spain the most memorable win. 

John Heitinga was unfortunate to get the second yellow card of the match which prompted him to get sent off. both was playing very well, but the Dutch players were on the rough side chalking up a mountains of fouls and yellow cards. Robben and Sneijder played well but the Spainish players are equally as good as them.

Congrats to Spain for winning the Fifa 2010 World Cup !!

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