Thursday, July 22, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 Is Officially on Both Maxis and DiGi !!

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Apple iPhone 4 Is Officially on Both Maxis and DiGi !!

Its confirmed !! Maxis and DiGi is bringing in the Apple iPhone 4 to the Malaysian market. After months of speculations, we would be able to see both telco launch their iPhone 4 at the same time !! Now it depends on how they set the pricing. Fingers crossed !

I can bet that both will be coming out with a mechanism to maximize their profits without losing to each another. But for now iPhone 4 fans or haters, Apple together with Maxis and DiGi is giving you a sneak peek and latest news of the iPhone 4 after registering with either 1 or both telcos.

iPhone 4 on DiGi network !

What is the price and data rate for the Apple iPhone 4 ? Heard rumors saying that the current price of iPhone 3GS would be replaced by the iPhone 4. While the early mentioned model will go on sale to clear off some old stock but I dont see it that way as iPhone 3GS is superly awesome enough.

Would you join the Green/Red camp or the Yellow camp ? Log into the following websites to register for latests news on iPhone 4 @

Maxis iPhone 4

DiGi iPhone 4

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Unknown said...

hope that my dream will come true....

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