Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Andrea Fonseka Is Getting Married to Paul Dewar !!

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Andrea Fonseka Is Getting Married to Paul Dewar !!

Wedding bells will be ringing for Andrea Fonseka and her beau, Paul Dewar. The glamorous ex beauty queen who had recently handling the Miss Malaysia Universe 2010 project is set to wed her lawyer husband-to-be, Paul Dewar whom she met in Perth.

The ceremony is on this Friday at Assumption Church in Petaling Jaya. It would be an all-white wedding in church. At least we get to see Andrea Fonseka and Paul Dewar walking out of a church pronounced as husband and wife officially !!

Congrats to both of them and also hats down to Paul Dewar for successfully proposing to Andrea for the 3rd time and the best one !!

And oh, if you wanna meet up with the currently "single" Andrea Fonseka, please do so by attending CLIVE 2nd anniversary party @ Zouk KL this Thursday nite !!


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