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Sun Ho Is Divorcing Rev. Kong Hee Due To Misuse Church Funds ?

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Sun Ho Is Divorcing Rev. Kong Hee Due To Misuse Church Funds ?

Suddenly the world had turned into a splitsville. First was Alex Yoong and Arianna Teoh , and now the Senior Pastor of City Harvest Church SingaporeReverend Kong Hee is ready to divorce with wife Ho Yeow Sun aka Sun Ho who is a pop music singer. For the moment, they are living in the United States with their son, Dayan Kong.

Reverend Kong Hee and other 17 Church Members was interrogated

The news came after Reverend Kong Hee and other 17 City Harvest Church members was interrogated of misuse of funds and what could be the biggest charity investigation in Singapore since the probe into financial fraud at Ren Ci Hospital and Medicare Centre in February 2008.

City Harvest Church of Singapore

Fresh investigations led to confiscating financial records and accounts from church premises. Though the alleged charges have nothing to do with controversy of church’s indirect stake of $310 million in downtown hotel Suntec Singapore, it raised questions about the transparency of the organization.

The City Harvest Church Singapore has heavy online presence like live webcasts and own channel. It also has affiliated churches in Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Sun Ho is Performing at MTV Asia Awards 2010 this Friday

Although its a strong rumor that is spreading on internet that Kong Hee and Sun Ho are going to divorce, which is highly unlikely as there are no confirmation from either side.

5 Shot(s):

Unknown said...

Ho Yeow Sun has got to be the ugliest "pop star" trying to be someone she can never be.
You would think Kong Hee has better taste than that.
Just hate it when people try TOO hard. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Why can't Sun Ho wake up to the fact the she has no talent, looks and is way overage to start her pop star dream?

SEMI MEO said...

They both need our prayers during this era in their marriage, may be not our theology on contemporary methods evangelism! ..and of course prayers for all other marriages on the rocks..

Anonymous said...

I will say 3 hail marys for their sorry souls in hell!

Anonymous said...

Reverend Kong Hee used God to embezzle people's money - what a big crook he is.

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