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Freak Accident Burnt A Lady To Death, Was BHP Station Attendants To Be Blamed For?

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Freak Accident Burnt A Lady To Death, Was BHP Station Attendants To Blame For?

I'm quite sure that many of netizen and Facebook-ers are well aware of the freak accident that involved a woman burnt to death in her MyVi due to the ignorance of 2 attendants from the BHP Petrol Station in Cheras in wee morning according to Akina Teo Chai Yong, 31.

The accident happened near the Cheras velodrome at 3.30am and police are trying to identify the dead woman from the car registration number after she was rammed by a Toyota Vios and a 3 tonne lorry filled with vegetables.

The wrecked Toyota Vios

The Toyota Vios believed to have been driven fast by a 33-year-old man skidded and veered onto the opposite side of the road. It hit the Myvi car and crashed onto a lamp post, badly injuring both the driver and his female companion.

The first accident made the Myvi spin a few times and it was hit by a three-tonne vegetable lorry from behind and burst into flames. The woman driver, however, was unable to escape and was trapped in her seat and burnt to death. The lorry driver and his attendant were unhurt.

BHP Taman Midah Refused to Hand the Fire Extinguisher to Akina Teo

According to witness, Akina Teo in his Facebook note, the Myvi was totally sardined and a girl was trapped inside. He saw a spark of fire at the engine bay so he drove to the nearest BHP to get a fire extinguisher from the attendants who were behind the locked kiosk/counter.

They refused to lend him the fire extinguisher and even threatened to report the guy eventhough handing them his IC as collateral. He returned back to the scene and the car was totally burnt and the poor girl was burnt alive inside.

Can we blame the Toyota Vios driver instead ? YES, we CAN !!

So, dear readers, who should be blamed ? Was it Akina's rude behavior in asking for the fire extinguisher or the BHP Petrol station attendants' or the Toyota Vios guy who was driving at an unacceptable speed ?

Credits to ondscene's for the first on hand pictures. The involved vehicles was wrecked badly and to the poor girl, R.I.P =(

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OOIiioo said...

if you can find his facebook post (its probably circulated quite far by now) you can see that he begged them before trying to kick the door or shout

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