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Chevrolet Cruze Launched in Malaysia and Mini Review 2010

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Chevrolet CruzeLaunched in Malaysia and Mini Review 2010

After successfully introduced in Europe, Australia, India and the Asean region, the Chevrolet Cruze is destined to make its debut and was launched on Thursday in Malaysia.

All in all, the awesome Chevrolet Cruze will retail at RM97,888, of course that excludes insurance and regulatory fees. The car will be available in blue, white and red colours.

Front view of a Chevrolet Cruze

If Cruze is positioned as a bargain car in Europe, it does have the quality and style especially functionality and value to give rivals Honda and Toyota a run for their money.

The initial impressions are that the Cruze is well-screwed. Chevrolet's new design gets the praises. The twin-port grille and coupe-esque roofline give the Cruze a sporty look, whilst the interior is classy and well finished.

Chevrolet's Cruze engine bay

Chevrolet Cruze has earned a 5-star rating from the European and Australian new car assessment programme (Euro-NCAP and ANCAP), will be equipped with a 1.8-litre and four-cylinder power plant.

The engine though is reasonably smooth, it is having flat spots and seem unwilling to rev even to their modest red-lines. But that is negligible as we are not even a racer or driving an F1 car.

Nice nice nice !!

Although it's not the most exciting car on the road, it doesn't disappoints. the Chevy Cruze corners competently, although a touch of under steer and body roll can let it down around tighter bends. And again, who would bother about that ?

Interior of a Chevy Cruze. Awesome nice !

The interior is well-proportioned and the sculpted seats offer good support. Surprisingly quiet in the cabin too which is a good indicator of build quality.

Full view of the Chevrolet Cruze

Space in this car is certainly on a par with the rest of the segment, with decent head and legroom in the rear. The boot is also an adequate size, but the sedan design lacks the loading practicalities of a hatchback.

There's no shying away from the fact that the Cruze is exceptional value for money. Equipment levels are good and the overall quality and finish is befitting of a much more expensive car.

Time for our national cars to look back on at their current car price and quality or end up to facing even tougher competitions from the foreign car manufacturers.

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sDanials said...

I have tested the Cruze on the highway, thanks in part to Chevy PJ. Earlier i was looking at the Altis but looking at the stories in the auto mag, i wonder if i need to pay a little visit to the dealership. Looked around the car. Cool interior. Remind me of what i was driving in the US when on holiday. Very American. I like the 2 tone interior, its basically the signature that its a chevy. The car is very smooth, looking at KM/Litre, it is amazing. Just driving on RM10 of fuel could get me somewhere around 90km in range based on my federal highway driving including stopping to pay toll. It feels solid. The steering wheel feels very sporty and can absord the pot holes that Malaysia has to offer. I was thinking of driving for another 1 hour or so but the sales man wanted to go home!. So all in all, i am looking to make my booking for this chevy in Moroccon Blue with body kit provided by Chevy...Anyone interested should talk to Zack in PJ Chevy Showroom as he explaination is so detailed. Kudos to you man. I guess you got your training at Chevy too. I believe they must have buckle up after bankkruptcy!

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