Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alex Yoong Splits with his Wife, Arianna Teoh *Hot Gossip*

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Alex Yoong and Arianna Teoh during their happy days

If rumors are to be true, former F1 driver Alex Yoong and former beauty queen Arianna Teoh had gone separate ways after only 8 years of marriage. The couple was rumuored to had filed for divorce dated back early of the year.

Mummy Arianna teoh and lil Alister Yoong

But the surprise was they are still living under a roof as it was all for the sake of their son, Alister Yoong who is just 7-years old.

Arianna Teoh is the head honcho for her event and concert company, Arianna Event Management while Alex Yoong had became the 1st Malaysian driver to participate in Formula 1 where he debuted with Minardi driving alongside with Fernando Alonso in 2001.

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jfook said...

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