Friday, May 21, 2010

Megan Fox Dropped from Transformers 3 Cast !!

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Megan Fox Dropped from Transformers 3 Cast  

Hot lass, Megan Fox has been dropped from the Transformers 3 cast. The actress who played Mikaela Barnes in the last two installments of the film reportedly opted out of the action franchise that made her a household name. The movie is scheduled to be released in June 2011.
Who will replace Megan Fox in Transformers 3 ?

On the other hand, Megan Fox has been voicing her thoughts about Michael Bay. She claimed that he was a nightmare to work for and called him ‘Hitler’ for the way he behaves on sets. She also said that Michael deliberately does that to make his reputation of a mad man. It is also reported that Megan left the franchise on her own choice.
Gemma Arterton is replacing Megan Fox in Transformers 3 ??

So the million dollar question is who will replace Megan Fox as Shia LaBeouf love interest in the latest Transformers sequel ? Apparently the best candidate would be Gemma Arterton. Yeah, another hot babe who has acted in the Quantum of Solace, Clash of the Titans and to be shown in cinema, Prince of Persia.
Or perhaps we could see Bar Rafaeli in Transformers 3 ?

A few names were brought up to replace Megan Fox and they are Bar Rafaeli, Miranda Kerr and Brooklyn Decker. Although these ladies have a long list of acting and modelling career in their portfolio, it seems that Arterton remains the possibilty who makes the most sense, as she plays Jake Gyllenhaal's love interest in "Prince of Persia" and is no stranger to Hollywood blockbusters.

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