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Singapore's First Costume-themed KTV Pub - Club Strawberry @Boat Quay

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Singapore's First Costume-themed KTV Pub - Club Strawberry (Boat Quay)

Club Strawberry is Singapore’s first KTV Pub with a costume-theme concept. Strawberry is located at 74 Circular Road (Boat Quay) and brings tantalising costume looks nightly. The waitresses are dressed up in provocative and fun costumes that align with themes like Nurse, Police, Maid, Dominatrix and School Girl. These themes are kept fresh and updated weekly.

Theme of the week of Club Strawberry, fresh update every week

Adapting a Singaporean way of pubbing, Club Strawberry hosts an open karaoke hall for all patrons to hold a tune. Also, crossing between a pub and a gaming café, Strawberry provides more than 20 different games – drinking and non-drinking ones – for free. Popular games include Jenga, Pop-up Toys (Hardgay Toy), Snakes & Ladders, Drinking Roulette, Scrabble, Hit and Miss and plenty more.
Some of the KTV girls in Club Strawberry

So whether is it to chill after work, satisfy your fantasy, or have an enjoyable gathering with friends, Strawberry provides a warm yet eyeful place that is the IN place to be!

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