Friday, April 23, 2010

Ris Low Doesn't Mind Marrying Ugly Man !!

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Ris Low Doesn't Mind Marrying Ugly Man !!

Estranged Singaporean beauty queen, Ris Low does not mind if she were to marry an ugly man as long as her future husband owns lotsa of money ! And her reason, He can always do plastic surgery ! Wadda !

She said even if he is ugly, she does not mind cause as long as he is rich, she would definitely be leading a better lifestyle. Tai tai wannabe ei ? This is how realistic a life can be.

Ris Low said a man whose income matched a woman’s expectation would automatically be accepted, regardless of his looks. Really, money faced ?

I had never seen an ex beauty queen as bold as Ris Low

Ris Low, who had to quit the Miss World 2009 contest after being exposed as a credit card cheat last September, was among women featured in an online television survey which showed that Singaporean women preferred men with money over looks.

2 Shot(s):

Kelvin said...

Lol, she has to go surgery herself 1st.

SBdude said...

i pity her future husband..

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