Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips

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I guess everyone has their version of grooming right ? For me, I guess the best way to impress other people is first to impress yourself. Then, you will have the self confidence to start your day. For me, the most important is the HAIR !!

I mean everyone of you sure will have this messy hair whenever you got up from your bed right ? Not only its messy, you will feel like strands of hair being entangled like no ones business especially if you have long hair like the girl above.

 Even after bathing and washing your hair, it just doesn't feel right ei ? Something is missing somewhere. Well, luckily for me, my hair is short like something like Beckham's hair below. Short and easy to manage. So how do I groom my hair everyday ?

I'm sure your hair is still wet after washing right ? What you need to is, grab a hair dryer, if your hair is short, gently brush your hair with your fingers to create the "shape" that you want. Wait for a few minutes to let ya hair cool down.You know its kinda hot after blowing hot air..

Lastly, finish off by applying some wax or hair gel to your hair. Shape it the way you want or perhaps like Beckham's one above. And voila !! A great hair do, all done in just 10 minutes or less !!

To add finishing touch to your daily grooming routine, why not spray some antiperspirant to your body to keep it fresh all day long ? The deodorant that I wanna recommend to you guys is Adidas Action 3 Antiperspirant. Not only does it has guys version, ladies version work exactly the same with added benefits.

Adidas Action 3 Antiperspirant For Woman

This awesome anti antiperspirant contains special anti-whitening material to minimize white marks on your skin and clothing. Plus, it is also 0% alcohol which means, this thing wont harm your skin even if you apply it for weeks !!  And of course, its main objective is to provide caring protection against perspiration.

Adidas Action 3 Antiperspirant is available at all Adidas flagship stores and convenience stores near you!!

Oh ya, did you know that the Season 2 of Project Alpha has started ? Currently it stands at episode 3 of out 49 episodes !! If you missed it or haven't watch it, here are the videos below. Enjoy !!

Project Alpha Season 2 -Episode 1

Project Alpha Season 2 -Episode 2

Project Alpha Season 2 - Episode 3

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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