Monday, April 5, 2010

My Favourite Sport

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Whats your favourite sport ? Well, for me I would say its basketball. Why do I start basketball at first ? It might sound be a lil funny to you but not so for me. In my late primary till early secondary school days, I had put on massive weight, till the extend of gotten a big spare tyre, if you get what i mean.

Yupz, short and fat plus being branded as a potato. It sad and demoralizing as I could not fit into my favourite jeans and t shirt that time too.

Dynamic duo of Shaq and Kobe !!

All of sudden, I saw this NBA game on the TV. It was L.A Lakers and Sacramento Kings playing against each other in the Western Conference finals. It was a nail bitting game and I would praise the player from L.A Lakers namely Kobe Bryant and Shaq O'neil.

The whole team were like invincible when both of them were playing. With Kobe Bryant attacking aggressively,not to mention his usual explosive moves that makes your jaws wide open !! and Shaq was dominating the board, its no wonder that the team eventually goes on to win the NBA title !! How awesome was that !!

My first basket ball shoe, Adidas T-Mac 3.5. A Rare Breed and Limited edition

Therefore, it has became a trend among my friends where we started picking up the game. It has become a passion till the extend of we did not mind walking to the court which half an hour from our house !!

It was a game where teamwork plays an integral part in winning games and of course in the process of learning, we got beaten quite badly but that doesn't deter us to give up the beautiful game.

Every sweat and blood drained during training and eventually we took the courage to play in the Adidas Streetball Challenge. It was a great experience to get to play with players around Malaysia.

Even till now, Im still playing the beautiful game in my uni with greated challenges and I have to play with talented players from the African nations and China !! Man, they are fast and strong but its definitely the best way to improve my basketball game and knowlegde !!

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