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Jessica Michibata Exposed Her Cleavage, Feels The Heat in Malaysia

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Jessica Michibata Feels the Heat in Malaysia

Malaysia is getting abit stirred up by Jenson Button's girlfriend, Jessica Michibata's dressing this afternoon during 2010 F1 Qualifying in Sepang, the Daily Mail reported. She risked offending the country's hardliners by wearing a dress with a plunging neckline, exposing her cleavage and her bra.

That is a real classy gown.

According to the Daily Mail, Jessica, 25, appeared to be taking note of the country's customs with her full-length gown.
The pose that caught her in controversy and I dont think there's anything wrong with that

"But the top half of her dress was perhaps a little too revealing. And when she sat down, the Japanese model hitched up her dress exposing her legs up to the knee," it reported.

Snappin away to the air in Sepang,nice bling phone !

"In most Western countries there would be nothing out of the ordinary about the way she dressed, however, in Malaysia, women are expected to dress with a little more modesty."

Modesty ? My foot !! Go walk around Pavilion, 1Utama and Curve area and some girls wear even worst than that ! Just because she's a foreign girl in a glitzy event, you cant just judge by her dressing..

Jenson Button of Mclaren Mercedes F1 and Jessica Michibata

IMHO, Jessica Michibata is among the best and my all time favourite among the F1 WAG (wife and girlfriend). Unique mixture look, healthy skin tone and quite tall for an Asian !! I'm so in love with her yo..Jenson Button is a real lucky guy indeed..

Both Ferrari and Mclaren will start at the tail end for 2010 Sepang Malaysia F1 Grand Prix. Chances for both teams to win are slim with Red Bull and Mercedes GP occupying the Top 10 on the grid

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Jessica's written a book! A memoir no less

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