Sunday, April 18, 2010

Earthquake in Papua New Guinea, Tremors Felt in Sabah

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6.3 Magnitude Earthquake in Papua New Guinea

Few days after the earthquake hit Qinghai, China, it might be suspected that it had spreaded to the shore of Papua New Guinea in which US Geological Survey said on Sunday that an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude had hit the east coast of Papua New Guinea.

The quake, was centred about 29km east of the city of Lae, 316km north of Port Moresby in the Pacific nation and tremors were felt in 3,463km southeast of Kunak, Sabah at 7.15am Sunday.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii did not issue a tsunami alert.

Volcanic ash in Iceland, disrupts flights to Europe

Another unrelated natural disaster, flights to Europe by Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia X flights may have to be cancelled as airports were remained close around the continent due to the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland.

Passengers who had booked their flight tickets especially to destinations such as Paris, London, Amsterdam and Paris can request for full refund or re-booking for the next available flight.

Customers are advised to login to the respective website of both airlines @ and for latest update on the Europe flights.

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