Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brawn GP F1 Trailer Up For Bid in ebay UK

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The now defunct US F1 Team had bought 2 trailers from Brawn GP, which is now renamed as Mercedes GP before the start of 2010 Formula One season. Due to the financial crisis that hit the US F1 Team, the trailers had been confiscated by a UK creditor.
US F1 Team wont be racing afterall in 2010 Formula 1 Season

The trailers are now put on sale at ebay UK without reserve hoping to attract buyers from bidding these trailers of the championship winning team last season.

Brawn GP Trailer with hint of light green, black and white base

The first trailer, which still bears the Brawn GP with Jenson Button's name and number 22 (future owner are urged to remove the colors), currently has a bid for £22,700 with more than three days remaining.

Internal of a F1 trailer

The second trailer boasts space for three F1 racecars and a machine shop (lathe included). According to The Sheriffs Office, the enforcement agency posting the auctions, the trailers carried a $460,000 price tag each when new.

You can try bidding the trailers here @ EBAY UK

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