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Stephy Tang 邓丽欣 Oral Sex Tape Exposed ! Latest HK Gossip !!

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Stephy Tang 邓丽欣 Oral Sex Tape Exposed 2010 !

Stephy Tang Lai Yan 邓丽欣 of the famous HK girl group, Cookies had her oral sex tape being leaked to the Internet. Forget about Jack Neo's and Tiger Woods' boring and over publicized illicit mistress affairs. This is one hell of a news to break out since the similar video of China's Model ShouShou(兽兽) Zhai Ling.

It was suspected and being rumored to date back as far as the "Yan Zhao door" incident featuring Edison Chen 陈冠希 and his 7 female artist sex-partners and of course Stephy Tang was not spared.

I used to love Stephy's purplish long hair.

Suspected Hong Kong actress Stephy Tang 邓丽欣 was involved of up to 6-minute sex video and oral sex pictures that was posted by an annonymous guy (Kira is highly suspected) through the net.

Stephy Tang 邓丽欣 and Edison Chen 陈冠希 in 9 Girl & A Ghost

The video was reportedly dated back 2002 where Stephy Tang 邓丽欣 and Edison Chen were the lead actor and actress in the film "Nine Girls and a Ghost". Rumors had it that after a few months later, they became very close as Edison had broke up with his then current girlfriend Bobo Chan.

 But for all your info, it was not her.

 Alex Fong and Stephy Tang 邓丽欣, both currently dating each other

The girl in the video had a face similar to Stephy's but it was not her. Instead it was stated as "AV version of Stephy". In addition, it was also said that the woman was a Korean! True or not true, yet to be told.

Stephy Tang 邓丽欣,lead singer of Cookies

Stephy Tang graduated from the Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College and the Department of Fashion Design at IVE. In 2002, she joined Cookies, a music group in Hong Kong, and became the lead singer.

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