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Project Alpha Season 2 Will Fail If.....

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Nuffnang Project Alpha Season 2

I'm actually anticipating Nuffnang's Project Alpha Season 2 but something really put me off when I went to The Star's micro website yesterday, Daily Chilli. As an avid reader of this site, I cant help by the fact that many of the readers there are complaining about the annoyance of Project Alpha's teasers and bloopers being played after refreshing every pages.

Why ? See, you are reading an interesting article on Daily Chilli then this "cowboy" song suddenly played and you are searching frantically all around your browser to stop the song and for all you know, it is just located on the bottom right of all the Daily Chilli page. Yes, I've gone through that, it gave me a shock at first, midnight somemore...

Daily Chilli 

And just when you had paused it and navigate to the next page, the song starts all over again. Isn't that a nuisance ? Sounds familiar like other bloggers' site?? Yes exactly. One of the rules to gain more traffics is not to put your playlist on autoplay mode. People will get annoyed eventually.See, I had already shed some light on the traffic thingy.

I really do hope that the webmaster solve this problem asap cause in turn both Daily Chilli and Project Alpha would get into a self destruct mode soon.

Some say its cheap publicity to get noticed but I say its a brilliant idea to embed some of the Project Alpha's video in it. Just that it was not done in a right way. My suggested solutions are the

  • Embedded video can stay there but make sure it is not on autoplay mode.
  • Exchange the video with a flash advertisement like the Digi and Peugeot ads
  • Put in Project Alpha FB logo instead of Youtube videos in a noticeable and obvious position in the Daily Chilli site. At least, you get some clicks from here too..
Hopefully both parties will have the problems fixed asap to avoid being complained and losing the readers interest. Just my 2 cents.

* Please don't get annoyed with me k k, I still wanna earn money with Nuffnang =) *

Anyways,click the link to the to websites of

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Ken Wooi said...

they should disable auto-play.. yeah.. kinda annoying to be honest =)

Anonymous said...

We are in the process of turning off auto play on all widgets. Thanks for your constructive suggestion. If you do have further ideas on how to improve Project Alpha do post a shout out on Twitter with #projectalpha.


Brigante said...

Hey there. Thanks for the comments. Really appreciate it. I agreee. The autoplay function can be a bit annoying when the music is played over and over again. We have rectified the situation by taking out the music at the front and shortening the music at the back. These are only meant to be bloopers from the handycam just to give people a bit of a behind the scenes. The episodes are still being edited as we speak and really looking forward to sharing it with all of you.

If you do have any other feedback (good or bad) , pls feel free to let me know via twitter (michael_kyanite) .

Michael ( Kyanite.Tv Executive Producer/Director)

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