Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat

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I think its the El-Nino phenomenon - Heat !!

Its so hot nowadays and I cant barely stand the heat anymore !! I would sweat and wet my t shirt as soon as I step out the house. The sweltering heat combine with a healthy amount of UV rays can easily make you sweat non stop.

I am known as a person who sweats easily. Just by stacking a pile newspapers indoor, you can already see beads of sweat waiting to drip out of my forehead and of course ahem, the ARMPITS !!

Dare you to smell my armpit..

Mentioning my armpits can already put people off especially since I'm a sweaty person. I'm sure majority of sweaty people had a bad body odour, and even your clothes are not spared.

The intensity of the foul smell will grow stronger especially you are all adrenaline pumped up. Be it, get chased by a dog or standing in line for a job interview. It is very embarrassing, okay !! Babes also don't wanna get near me..Sad SAD !!

Adidas Action 3 - Fresh, Anti Perspirant

But my life had a complete 360 degree change, when I saw this super-awesomesauce (sorry Cheesie,have to use your trademark word) -anti perspirant by Adidas on last season's Nuffnang Project Alpha !! Who says Adidas only makes sporting apparels !!

Previously, I was too embarrassed to walk between a large crowd afraid I would get teased due to my sweaty smell. But now, after spraying this awesome Adidas Action 3 Anti Perspirant onto my body, I start to get more people approaching me. Nah, not by my good looks(okay,damn perasan I know) but for the nice smelling fragrance on my body.

Majority will ask, Hey, SBdude, what perfume are you using ? Very nice smell ler.. I simply replied, Adidas Action 3 Anti Perspirant !! No Sweat !!

Adidas Action 3 is now available at all Adidas Flagship store nationwide and convenient stores near you at a very affordable price !!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at

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