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Jack Neo Only Had One Affair Only !! Exclusive Interview 13th March 2010

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Jack Neo Only Had One Affair Only !! Excluve Interview 13th March 2010

I had only one affair, for which I'm totally repentant and totally remorseful. This was what Jack Neo told The New Paper last night in an exclusive interview.

Wendy Chong and Jack Neo affairs

The 50-year-old film-maker confessed to an affair with freelance model Wendy Chong, 22, after she went to his home and asked to see his wife, Madam Irene Kng, 46, last Friday.

Jack questioned the motives behind the other women including actress-singer Foyce Le Xuan and French student Maelle Meurzec who alleged that he had sexually harassed them.

He said, sounding agitated: "Is it because they think I'm down-and-out ow that they can join in to cast stones at me?"

Jack said he was flabbergasted to read about the latest accusations by a transsexual.

Ms Maggie Lai, 55, had claimed to Shin Min Daily News that he had asked her to perform a sex act on him 22 years ago when she was a masseuse.

"Just because I've yet to publicly challenge some claims does not mean that anyone can just step out and say anything they like," said Jack.

Jack Neo's wife Irene kng fainted during press conference

Referring to the press conference he held on Thursday, Jack said he had intended to apologise after his wife spoke, but she stood up to leave, then collapsed into his arms.

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