Thursday, February 4, 2010

TIME dotcom 50Mbps Fibre Broadband !! FTW !!

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TIME dotcom 50mbps Fibre Broadband !!

TIME dotCom Bhd has announced that they will be offering Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) with a staggering speed of up to 50Mbps ! TIME Fibre Broadband is the name. Internet surfing and file transferring will never face "turtle speed" anymore !!

It is a truly revolutionizing technology as they will be utilizing fibre optics that are able to carry data as much as 1000 times more than the same sized conventional copper line cable.

TIME Fibre Broadband Packages

The group's broadband offering comes in three packages - the 2Mbps, 5Mbps and 10Mbps. Subscribers will get at least 10 hours a month of free 50 Mbps "boost".

What is BOOST ? BOOST increases the base speed of the broadband service to a maximum speed for a predetermined amount of hours every month, relevant to the specific package a customer has signed up for.

Good news is TIME dotcom wants to offer up speed to 50Mbps because they are able to achieve it and they are not talking about best effort speeds !! It's real speed that's achievable !! FTW !!

The downside, this service is only available around Mont Kiara's high rise condominiums. As early as second quarter of the year, this service will be rolled out around the Klang Valley targeting downtown KLCC areas.

Check out their website @

Fibre Broadband yo !! and It's 50Mbps !!

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