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Zesting Your 2010 CNY With Starbucks Honey Orange Latte and Frappuccino

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Honey Orange Latte, New Menu introduced by Starbucks Coffee Malaysia

For the new year a new drink, the Honey Orange Latte, has been introduced to the menu by Starbucks Coffee Malaysia. The drink was launched for the first time in Malaysia on Jan 5 and other parts of South-East Asia in conjuction with 2010 Chinese New Year,Tiger Year to exact.

It is a combination of sweet and tangy orange flavour with espresso and steamed milk topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of orange zest and a drizzle of honey.

For Frappucinno lovers, the drink can also be enjoyed cold, with the cream-based or coffee-based blend.

Every cuppa needs a great companion and Starbucks is serving two desserts to match the vibrant, flavourful beverage, the Apple Multigrain Muffin and the Berry Crunch Slice.

Berry Crunchy, Very Yummy..

Apple Multigrain Muffin, perfect compliment of your cuppa

The Apple Multigrain muffin has been served in the past but it was brought back due to the demand from the customers. The crunchy base is made from cookies and nuts and is a great end to the smooth, creamy mousse.

Also on sale this month are two new coffee beans blend, the Guatemala Casi Ceilo and the South of the Clouds.

Guatemala Case Cielo Coffee Blend
Guatemala Casi Cielo™ .This coffee has a floral aroma with lemony acidity, a rich flavour and smooth body, finishing with hints of dark cocoa. Casi Cielo is Spanish for "Almost Heaven" :)

South of the Clouds Coffee Blends
South of the Clouds Blends™. This blend offers medium acidity and body, balanced with flavours of herbs. South of the Clouds Blend™ is Starbucks first blend that includes coffee from China. The Yunnan coffee in this blend comes from the Yunnan Province in the Baoshan Region and is grown at 1200-1400 metres.

In conjunction with the Chinese New Year festivities, Starbucks is selling two types of cookies, the dark chocolate with orange bits and the white chocolate with cranberry.

There are also mugs, tumblers and key chains for sale with tiger motives to coincide with the Year of the Tiger in the Lunar calendar.

The Honey Orange Latte is priced RM12 (Tall), RM13 (Grande), RM14 (Venti) while the Honey Orange Frappuccino is RM13 (Tall), RM14 (Grande), RM15 (Venti).

The Apple Multigrain Muffin it priced at RM5.90 and the Berry Crunchy is RM8.80 per slice.

Whole Beans packet of 250gm for both Casi Cielo and South of the Clouds are RM38 each.

For merchandises like the Key chain (tiger) it is RM6.50 with a purchase of any Venti-sized beverage. Definitely a collectible item !! The mugs are from RM28 onwards while the CNY cookies are RM14.80 per tin.

This zesty promotion starts from January 5 - February 22, 2010.

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