Monday, January 25, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

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Long and Thin, Anyone ? *teaser*

Why I Like It Longer ? Modern day thinkings has brainwashed us that everything that we buy must come in small,thin and long package that provide some sort of oommph factor. Everything that we like come ina long package, for example your Widescreen LCD Monitor, long and thin isn't it?

RM100 or RM5 ?? Of course the first one, cause it's longer and more valuable for sure..

And of course, my man's best friend - MONEY !! I'm sure you would love RM100 to RM5, right ? See, I've had brainwashed you again. As long as its long, nothing can go wrong !! hey, it ryhmes too !! Admit it..everyone loves their favourite things longer..almost EVERYONE on ANYTHING !! =)

LG Chocolate BL40 mobile phone

What item can I get which is long and thin at the same time ? Hurmm ??*thinking* Yeah,an LG Chocolate BL40 mobile phone of course !! It is the world's first multimedia phone with a massive display of 4-inch 21:9 HD widescreen panoramic diplay !! Awesome yo.

Full Touch Screen Capable on 4" 21:9 Ratio HD Panoramic Display

That is why I like my stuffs longer especially this LG BL40 mobile phone cause I get to watch my movies in the full 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display in its full glory and not to mention the massive display would enable me to view my favourite website, NUFFNANG and  also blogging without much hassle of constantly scrolling. And oh, the phone is fully touch screen with multi-touch features too !!

LG Chocolate BL40 - "Glossy, Sleek and Thin Like A Supermodel"

The fun doesn't end here as this phone has been regarded as the "Supermodel of phones" by fashion industry around the world of big players like ELLE and Vogue. I'm imagining myself making a fashion statement with this phone whenever I'm out for drink at the cafe or just by holding it in my hands.

High Quality Finishing of the LG Chocolate BL40's Outer Body Gorgeous !!

It comes in complete glossy black with slight hint of red at the both ends. Looks very classy and I'm definitely gonna show it off during Chinese New Year yo !! Though I like my stuffs longer, I'm surely cant wait any "longer" to lay my hands on this precious baby.

Snap super clear photos on-the-go with the 5.0 Mega-pixels Schneider-Kreuznach lens

Great stuff has its exclusive price and this gorgeous baby will set you back RM2,199. But I'm not getting one. Why,why ? Because I'm very sure that LG and Nuffnang are rewarding me an LG Chocolate BL40 mobile phone as a big big angpow for the Chinese New Year !! Thank you..

Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Hei Fatt Choy to everyone in  advance !! =)

Proudly Presented To You By LG and Nuffnang  
LG Chocolate BL40

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Iriene said...

Wow, it is really a fashion statement! Cheers and all the best!

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