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Milo Fuze JAM PACKED Contest, Win RM60K worth of iPhone,PS3 and Canon Digicam !!

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Nestle MILO® FUZE® Contest - Win RM60K worth of prizes !!

I still remember that catchy phrase of Milo's "Minum Milo Anda Jadi Sihat Dan Kuat". Maybe it was due to that whole sentence that made me got addicted to this chocolate malty drink, Milo. Kudos to Nestle for being able the sustain their prized product, Milo that has been together with us for so many years.

The new & improved MILO® FUZE® is filled with the nutritious goodness that you need while youre on the go go go! Now, for you loyal fans of Milo, Nestle is running a contest whereby you can stand a chance to win a whopping RM60,000 worth of Apple, Sony, Nestle and Canon products

About the Contest
Win exclusive prizes by snapping photos and have loads of fun while doing it too! Only 40 Finalists with the most unique photo and photo title will be chosen for public voting! The highest voted photo entries win fantastic prizes!

And as it all lies in the hands of the Voters, Milo reward you too! Stand a chance to win an iPod Shuffle just by voting for your most favourite entries. Tips - do read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1st aite ?

Contest 1 - Pile Up MILO Fuze Sticks (Facebook Application)

iPhone 3GS 32GB and Canon A480 Powershot Camera To Win !!

Category 1 of the Milo Fuze game contest is quite straight forward. Just pile up the Milo fuze sticks AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE within the stipulated time and you must pass 5 levels !! Best thing of all, NO PURCHASE REQUIRED !!

Just approve the application in your Facebook and you are good to go. After completing the game, type in your details and submit. Easy peasy rite ? Play it here. MILO FACEBOOK APP

Contest 2 - Snap Your Jam Packed Day

iPhone 3GS 32GB + RM1000 and Canon A480 Powershot Camera Up For Grabs.

Category 2 has a lil higher difficulties by creatively snapping your jam packed day, but then the prizes are just too fantastic !! Not only you will win the products but also some cold hard cash !! Awesome right ?

I bet you had read the T&C above right ? Yeah, you need to snap and upload your JAM PACKED DAY photo to the Milo Fuze page and wait for it to get voted. Don't forget to keep your the receipt of purchase of your Milo Fuze product k ? Its your ticket to claim your prizes yo !!

Btw, the top voters will entitle them to winning 3 prizes, one of them is an iPod Shuffle. Start snapping away and post them here. MILO FUZE PHOTO UPLOAD page

Contest runs from 30/12/2009 at "00:00:01" to 26/04/2010 at "23:59:59" . Don't miss out the deadline kay ?

I found the new MILO® FUZE® TVC very hilarious. Share it with you all ya.

With an even greater MILO® taste, MILO® FUZE® now has the additional goodness of ACTIGEN E® and PROTOMALT® which provides all the calcium and vitamins your body needs!

Satisfy your hunger pangs in the most convenient way anywhere & anytime with these 5 tasty flavours of MILO® FUZE®

More info here - http://www.milo.com.my/fuze/index.htm

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