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KFC Zinger Tower Feed Me Fast- 2010 Contest

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You snoose, you lose! Keep up with KFC Malaysia’s page updates for Zinger Tower related wall posts and be the quickest to reply to win free stuff. Collect all the items to make a Zinger Tower burger and you could be walking away with free Zinger Tower burgers and KFC cash vouchers! Hurry, an average of 308 Zinger Towers were eaten in the time it took you to finish reading this.

I know this would probably bore you but do go through the terms for once at least to understand the contest properly! Don't miss this chance!


The following Terms and Conditions apply for KFC ZINGER TOWER FEED ME FAST CONTEST (hereinafter referred to as the “Contest”) and shall be binding on all persons (“Contestant”) entering into this Contest. Entry and participation in this Contest shall be deemed an unconditional acceptance by a Contestant of all terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions can be downloaded from KFC Malaysia Facebook page;

The Organizer is KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd.

Contesting will occur between 11th January 2010 – 24th January 2010 (both dates inclusive) unless notified otherwise. The Organizer reserves the right to extend the Contest period at its own discretion.

Entry is available to all Malaysian residents aged 12 years and above. In the event that the participant is under the age of 12 years their parent/guardian may at the absolute discretion of the Organizer be required to sign an indemnity in the form required by the Organizer as a precondition to their child’s entitlement to the prize(s).

Each participant has to be a fan of KFC Malaysia Facebook page @

Employees and the immediate families of the Organizer, KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd. Employees and the immediate families of all associated agencies and participating companies are also ineligible to enter.

Each day, KFC Malaysia page will publish a total of six (6) wall posts, each announcing an item in a Zinger Tower burger.

For every entry, participants who are able to be the fastest to reply to every wall post on KFC Malaysia win a Zinger Tower burger! There will be a random number of winners each day.

If your entry does not qualify for the day, you may resubmit the next day.

There will be a random bonus round announced during the whole contest period which allows daily winners to multiply their winnings to KFC cash vouchers.

Each bonus hours will be announced randomly and limited to x number of winners only.

Contestants who are fastest to reply to our bonus hour along with a copy of a proof of purchase of any Zinger Tower related products will be entitled to win.

6. PRIZE(s)
500 Zinger Tower burgers (ala carte) will be given out during this whole contest period.

A total value of RM15, 000 worth of KFC cash voucher will be given away for the whole contest period during the bonus hour.

Each winner is only entitled to win a maximum of 2 prizes only throughout the contest period (includes both daily wall post and bonus hour).

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