Monday, January 11, 2010

Celcom Xpax, Got Big Freekin' Sale 2010 Promo !!

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Celcom Xpax, Got Big Freekin' Sale 2010 Promo !!

User of Celcom Xpax can look forward to making cheaper calls, cheaper downloads and FREE Blackberry access as Xpax launches their latest promo, Got Big Freekin' SaleReload and use RM20 or more per week and get 50% off calls from 10pm to 10am within the same network from 11th January till 31st 2010.

Check out how much you'll save by using Celcom Xpax and U.O.X/S.O.X compared to other telcos.

Of course, the special lowest SMS and MMS rates acroos all networks yo !!

How to activate the special rate ? Easy peasy !!

  1. Reload RM20 or more
  2. Use RM20 or more between Monday to Friday
  3. Talk non-stop of half price from 10pm-10am till the end of the week.
p/s 50% off calls are valid until 11.59pm on Sunday and will begin 24 hours after receiving a notification SMS.

Awesome deal right ? Better get it asap before the promo ends yo !! Click the link of Xpax Got Big Freekin' Sale link

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