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Lace Up Save Lives, Nike(RED) Anti HIV/AIDS Campaign

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Lace Up Save Lives, Nike(RED) Campaign

As I was flipping the newspaper, saw this interesting article on World Aids Day and so happen I got to know about Nike's latest campaign on fighting against HIV/AIDS in Africa. To be exact, Nike and (RED) Foundation formed a partnership to create awareness towards this noble cause.

For only RM15, you get one pair of Nike (RED) shoe lace, Lace Up Save Lives

This unique partnership delivers a two-pronged approach to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa by delivering funds to support programs that offer education and medication on the ground, and will harness the power of sport to engage youth around the world in the fight against AIDS in Africa.

Lace Up Save Lives, Designed To Fight Aids In Africa

Be a part of this campaign by posting tweets with #laceupsavelives #red that will turn your tweets RED as a sign of your support to fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa.

You will get 2 of these unique Nike(RED) shoe lace

The fight against AIDS in Africa needs great brands to drive awareness and engagement. Nike and (RED) are the right partners to connect education with sport, and in so doing help drive social change, prevention and understanding of HIV/AIDS.

On the eve of World AIDS Day, Chelsea’s Didier Drogba turned RED as he teamed up with U2 front man Bono and Nike to launch the ’Lace Up. Save Lives".

Its time to contribute some to the community if you havent done so this year, by donating RM15, not only you will save lives in Afrika due to HIV/AIDS plus you get a pair of lovely shoe lace that Didier Drogba and Bono are using !! Get them at your nearest Nike stores.

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