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Hannah Tan's I’ll Be Home For Christmas Charity Concert Was A Blast !!

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Hannah Tan belting out some song with full emotion !!

It was three hours of non-stop entertainment at Hannah Tan's I’ll Be Home For Christmas charity concert, featuring an array of local singers, musicians and celebrities. From Hazami to Meet Uncle Hussain to the Fabulous Cats, the who's who in the local entertainment industry were there to lend their helping hands.

More than 1000 people attended the fun-filled concert. Aside from all-time favourite Christmas songs, the audience were also treated to magic tricks, tap dancing (by the lovely Jojo Struys), a stand-up comedy, beatboxing, violin and saxophone solo.There was also Shaun Lee, a small guy with a squeaky voice, doing beatboxing that sounded as crazy as it could get.

Well, Japan Ambassador to Malaysia, Masahiko Horie might be the only foreign guest of honour and non-entertainer at the event, but he won over the locals with his fluent Bahasa Malaysia, his humourous and self-depreciating demeanour and his heartfelt rendition of Getaran Jiwa, a P. Ramlee's classic.

Next, Malaysian Idol alumni Ash Nair teamed up with violinist/songwriter Dennis Lau on his spark-filled new single, Crazy. The crowd were later brought down the memory lane, losing themselves in the perfect delivery of Belaian Jiwa by Reymee and Sam of Innuendo.

More entertainment came in the form of rapper Reefa, who premiered a new single off his upcoming album, the catchy Bodyshakin'. While Atilia moved the crowd with the jazzy Indah, Sasi the Don rocked the house with Music in Me, his praise-worthy collaboration with American raggae-pop star, Dr. Alban.

Harith Iskandar Made An Impromptu Song

Despite not being a professional musician, funnyman Harith Iskandar stole the thunder when he made up an impromptu song about one of the volunteers, much to the audience's loud cheers and applause. He also had the house rocking in laughter with his timely comic -- talking about everything from Amy Winehouse to Sheila Majid to Ultraman.

Of course, the show would not be complete without the smokin' hot person who made it all happen - Hannah Tan. Despite suffering from sore throat and flu, Hannah showcased her vocal range in Making The Difference, Hold My Head Up and Kylie Minogue’s In Your Eyes.

And did you know that Hannah and co. perform for free?

Instead of an entry pass, each audience member was required to bring a Christmas gift of any value, which would be donated to orphanages and underprivileged children.

Source - DailyChilli.

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