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Yasmin Ahmad Won 2009 Kancil Awards

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Great achievement by Yasmin Ahmad who scooped up Advertiser of the Year 2009, Kancil Award

Even though she had just left us recently, Yasmin Ahmad will always be recognized for her great work and achievement that had touched hearts of  people worldwide. This has proven again when she won one of the two categories of 2009 Kancil Awards for her TV Commercial titled "Funeral".

The three-minute film, commissioned by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports Singapore (MCYS) to promote marriage, clinched the Golden Kancil in the film category at Malaysia’s premier advertising awards show.

It shows a woman played by Jo Kukathas addressing the people at her husband’s funeral, saying that she hoped her three children would also find life partners who were as “beautifully imperfect” as her husband was.

Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide Malaysia chief executive officer Tan Kien Eng said the viewership of the ad on YouTube was 2.5 million so far and that Yasmin was the one who crafted the script and directed the commercial.

“I would say that Yasmin’s style has created a benchmark for the industry, even as far back as 15 years ago. I would say that it is about humanity; it is not about winning an award. It is about touching and engaging people,” he explained.

Leo Burnett also grabbed the Agency of the Year award. Besides the Golden Kancil, it racked up a gold, two silvers and seven bronzes at the ceremony organised by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia.

Watch the TV Commercial, Funeral by Yasmin Ahmad here, would like to advise you to prepare some tissue before viewing this.

How was the video? Enough to put you to tears ? Jo Kukathas was great right ? Was a stage comedian but still able to pull it off in this sad TV commercial. Subsequently, you too can watch Yasmin Ahmad's Best Petronas Ads. Click here.

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