Monday, November 16, 2009

Final Call For Yahoo! Youreka, Green Ticket (16-24Nov)

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Hey Internet junkies out there,Yahoo Malaysia is rewarding their loyal readers on Yahoo! Malaysia News,Yahoo! Malaysia Mail and Yahoo! Malaysia Messenger a chance to win super cool prizes such as Blackberry Curve 8520, mi adidas microbounce shoes and accessories, macbooks and even Ipod Touch. All you have to do is discover and then... Youreka!

Head on to the microsite at to start your virtual treasure hunt. Here's how to play the game: hidden within Yahoo!'s properties like Yahoo! Malaysia News, Yahoo! Malaysia Messenger and Yahoo! Malaysia Mail are Red (12 Oct - 31 Oct), Blue (2 Nov - 14 Nov) and Green (16 Nov - 24 Nov) tickets that can be redeemed at an on-ground location for cool prizes. All you got to do is FIND IT

To do so, it's pretty simple. The Youreka! site is filled with clues as to where they are for the day. Besides that, the microsite also has cool facts about the colour purple, games and trivia - all geared towards making you discover more!

Here's another thing. Hidden at on-ground redemption sites are elusive purple tickets that may just win you more awesome prizes at the Youreka! Finale Party. At this exclusive party, there'll be music, games, design, entertainment, total fun-ness !!  Full details of the party are not released yet but the date set is 25th November
So, lock that down on your planner as you wouldn't want to miss out. Head on to to start looking for your loots and treasures !! Aye,go pirates !!

YOUREKA ! Your Discoveries Could Make You A Winner !

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