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Everyone Connects Banner Concert In Bukit Bintang Was Awesome !!

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Everyone Connects' T Shirt, Dummy Microphone, Bunkface Limited Edition CD and Bandana !!

Heard Our Song (Through My Window) ? Seen The Video ? Now Sing It !! Yupz, that was exactly the catchy phraseline that caught the people's attention for the mass sing along Everyone Connects Banner concert in Jalan Bukit Bintang on last Saturday, 21st November 2009. Local artistes such as Bunkface, Reshmonu, Suki and Tomok was there to hype up the crowd.

Its Bunkface in the middle yo !!

Over 5,000 party goers sang along to the catchy beat of Through My Window,a song that set the nation abuzz since its debut in what has been billed as the biggest “karaoke session” in Jalan Bukit Bintang.

The Everyone Connects Microphone Heads Giving Away Flyers and Freebies..

For the past 2 days, some of you might had notice some strange microphone heads walking around KL city handing out flyers, bandana and Bunkface's Limited Edition CD's. It was mainly for publisity purpose by Telekom Malaysia to engage interest from the public and it really worked !

Since Friday midnight, the Jalan Bukit Bintang stretch along Maybank to KFC was closed to make way for what it billed as one of the biggest mass sing along session the next day. The event started as early as 10am with eagerly fans was treated to some face paintings, online game competition and of course a Through My Window booth where they can sing along to the tune and got their videos recorded.

Hitz.FM Morning Crew, JJ and Ean !!

The event was hosted by JJ and Ean of the Hitz.FM's Morning Crew and to get the public in the mood, they were seen throwing away freebies such as Everyone Connects T-Shirts and Bunkface's CD to the crowd. The theme song, Through My Window song was performed by local band Bunkface to an energetic crowd who rocked along complete with dummy microphones despite the rain.

Bunkface's Sam can be seen from the gigantic screen too !

The whole idea for the Through My Window campaign was to engage the public in the digital lifestyle as it combines both old and new media to enable the public to experience this lifestyle. Telekom Malaysia also regards its customers as ‘collaborators’ who are the real force behind the company.

Here's the video to show you how great the reception for this Everyone Connects Concert was, awesome huh ?

The song, Through My Window has attracted 3.9 million mentions on the Internet, over 6,600 video and audio up loads on its site and 1,433 tweets on Twitter since it’s Oct 19 debut.

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JJ said...

Glad you had fun. Ean and I did.


ps: Yes it is JJ here. I google myself once in a while and found your blog...

SBdude said...

Yay !! Thanks for comment JJ =) I've had lotsa fun there too,working for the TM event and joining the crowd for the mass sing-along..

ps: Took a photo with 2 of you in Starbucks while Sam was "escorting" you and Ean to buy SB drinks =)

lolx, google must be your best friend aite?

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