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Yap Wen-Ji Gone Missing, Hiding From Amber Chia !!

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The Good and The Bad ? Amber Chia and Yap Wen-Ji

Those of you who had followed the Amber Chia - Yap Wen Ji saga dispute over the Malaysia’s Supermodel Search Presents Ford Supermodel of the World must be very disappointed with the abruptly dismissal of the this highly anticipated Model Search reality TV series which is equivalent to America's Next Top Model created by Tyra Banks.

I'm sure fans of Amber Chia must be cursing this irresponsible character of Yap Wen-Ji, who had suggested the idea of this highly rated Model Search. Till now, Yap Wen-Ji has gone into her own dugout, hiding from the lights of the media.

The two girl pals, who are executive producers of the Malaysia’s Supermodel Search Presents Ford Supermodel of the World, are currently in the midst of a massive dispute and management crisis because of Yap’s failure to provide a copy of her Ford Models franchisee contract to Amber Chia and her lawyer, Rajan Navaratnam.

“It is my biggest wish that Wen-Ji and I could settle our contractual dispute amicably, I wish to move on and hope she could do the same. She’s still young and got a lot more going for her if she could learn to be a better person.” Amber said.

The 28-year-old said her contractual dispute with her friend, Yap Wen-Ji, has taught her a valuable lesson.

“It (the crisis) is a good learning experience for me,” said the budding entrepreneur who recently set up her own event management company called Amber Creations.

“I’m trying to stay positive. I keep telling myself that everything will be all right.”

Chia continues to wait in tears for an answer from her former partner why their planned reality show, Malaysia’s Supermodel Search Presents Ford Supermodel of the World had gone so wrong.

The problem now is..where are you Yap Wen-Ji? Why aren't you showing your face and explain the whole situation to everyone ? Hiding something wrong or fishy activities behind us ?

*November update* 

Registration and Audition of Ford Models Supermodel of the World Malaysia 2009

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Ken Wooi said...

hmm.. she must be sad..
thanks for sharing.. =)


SBdude said...

yah..felt sad for her too kena cheated..by her best friend

this series should had been a great opportunity for any model to step up their modelling career..sigh =(

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