Monday, October 19, 2009

Liverpool Lost To Sunderland, Thanks To This !!

Posted on/at 4:30:00 PM by SBdude

Yups, The Scoucers Beach Ball !! Should I say an own goal by Liverpool ??

Most of the Liverpool fans out there must be fuming after losing to Sunderland's Darren Bent fortunate goal bounce off away from the beach ball. Haha..that was damn hilarious because it cost Liverpool 3 points and eventually sealed their fate of  4 loses in 9 matches, good record I reckon !! 20 years of EPL trophy-less is worth that wait.

But in my honest opinion, Liverpool should have sacked the big mouth coach of theirs, Rafa Benitez !! Man, he's been talking crap the whole season. If your team is winning, we dont really care that much but if the team keeps on losing, there must be something wrong right ??

To sum up The Scoucer's day, lets watch a video of The "Liverpool's Beach Ball Goal"

Would like to say, Boy, you had done a great job !! By throwing that ball to the Liverpool's half

Btw, that Liverpool Beach Ball is out of stock from the club's online store. Apparently it was snapped up by the opposing team's fans. Say, a memorabilia ?? HAHAHAHAHA !!

3 Shot(s):

Ken Wooi said...

pity liverpool.. =P

SBdude said...

yeah unlucky for them but happy for us..hope you are in da Man Utd camp too =)

Lonelytribe85 said...

Sad but true bro. Liverpool already loose their "red" in the field. Huhu... :'(

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