Sunday, October 4, 2009

All American Rejects Postponed Concert in Malaysia

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All American Rejects has cancelled concert in Malaysia

The All American Rejects, currently one of the US top notch rock band with current chart-topping hits such as "Gives You Hell" and "I Wanna" has postponed their DIG Music Live concert in 1Utama on the 10th October. *latest update on AAR,scroll down*

DiGi’s segments head Koay Chee Keong apologised to all DiGi Music Unlimited fans on behalf of DiGi and AAR. “The band is assuring Malaysian fans, especially customers who have redeemed their complimentary tickets, that they will be back to give a show of a lifetime once a new date is set,” Koay said, adding that DiGi customers were advised to retain their tickets until further notice.

What was the reason ?? Well, apparently lead singer Tyson Ritter has aggravated an injury where he had done his tumor removal operation from his ankle from an unknown source. The star may have hurt his leg, but he still managed to perform at a recent concert in Tampa as he sat in a wheelchair with a leg brace.

Get Well Soon, Tyson Ritter !!

A spokesperson for the band said: "Lead singer Tyson Ritter sustained an injury while on tour and is taking necessary precautions for a speedy recovery."

Fans could post their get well wishes for Ritter on a special dedication section on which would be available soon.

Free downloads of songs from the band’s latest album When The World Comes Down would be available on the DiGi music portal from Oct 10 onwards.

Latest AAR UPDATE  : New Date Set For All American Rejects KL Concert !!

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Afiq said...

hey man, i like the version of neon by john mayer you have in your playlist there
do u mind telling me where u did you download it?

SBdude said...

Hi Afiq, its taken from his Room For Squares album =) there's another acoustic version too if you are interested

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