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PS3 Slim - To Buy Or Not To Buy ?

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When Sony announced the Playstation 3 in the year of 2006 at the wallet-busting prices of $499 and $599, even serious, dedicated gamers blanched. The new console was expensive enough to put many consumers off entirely, and despite a cut here and there, it’s remained firmly in the "overpriced" camp for many once-eager Sony fans. But that was then.

Now, the PS3 has been put on a diet, earning a slim, trim new figure and a much healthier price tag of $299. The appropriately-named PS3 Slim launches on September 1, and if you’ve been waiting for the right time to take the Playstation plunge, this could be your big chance. So, is it worth it?

In a word, yes. PS3 Slim is significantly lighter (nearly 4 pounds), thinner (about 33% less hefty), and greener (34% less power consumption).With a120 GB hard drive, it packs ample space for most gamers and retains all the online features, Blu-Ray movie playback, and media center functionality that made the original so tempting.

One of the other major changes is the new matte finish, which gives the unit a less "professional" appearance than the old shiny version but at the benefit of fewer fingerprint and dust marks.

It's still a PS3 anyway, the matte finish makes it even cooler !! Awesome !!

So, I think the 120 GB Slim’s price will be with us for the time being. But could we see yet another PS3 model hit shelves any time soon? Actually, yes, we very well could because FCC filings indicate a good probability that a 250 GB Slim is in the works. But it’ll likely carry a premium price, and with the 120 GB Slim already packing a decent amount of storage, we doubt a larger one will be a good value for most consumers unless Sony can muster a tempting bundle deal.

With all good things, there's definitely a(few) bad(s). Am I right ? Actually, there’s one major omission, some older PS3 models are 'backwards compatible' and will play PS2 games games, but the Slim won’t. According to Sony, that feature is gone for good.

One last thing to consider, of course, is the competition. Microsoft wasn't going to let Sony have all the fun, so they went ahead and dropped the price of their Elite Xbox 360 model to $299 exactly the same as the PS3 Slim. That's certainly tempting, but keep in mind that when it comes to features, the PS3 still looks like the better deal.

What Say You ?? Im Definitely Saving Up Some Moolah For This Awesome Console !!

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