Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Science and Maths in BM again. Boring !!

Posted on/at 10:29:00 PM by SBdude

Damn this government, always change the rules now and then like changing clothes. This time its about reversing the decision of teaching Maths and Science back to BM.Seems like they are afraid of moving forward ?? Or isit the teachers are not even qualified or scared to teach in English ?? Come on !!

Then, why did YOU changed the language around 5 years ago ?? Is it fun to play around with our children's and future leader's inteligence and understanding towards Maths and Science in English ?? NONSENSE !!

At least Tun M is doing something right standing up for the people, go vote for it whether you agree or disagree with The Government's decision. Vote here !!

3 Shot(s):

Iriene said...

I would like to tell this people don't simply suka-suka change this and that :-
"Don't play play, our next generation future is in their hands,
we are moving into knowledge age, why moves backward, aiyah!"
I had just clicked Lurve ads on ur blog!

Evelyn G. said...

Actually I dont know why they want to change again ... Its really a watse of time. Hmm, but i dont think it affects the education , no matter its in eng , Bm or Chi.

SBdude said...

Thanks Iriene..i like your quotes. If they really care bout us and the future of our children, should stick to one language and English will be the better choice !! Many many thanks for clicking the ad too =)

YennieDoll, seriously they are just wasting our time and most of the students will get confused.Why change to English from BM then to BM again !! its unfair lo !! Unfair !!

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