Monday, July 20, 2009

Eclipse on 22nd July

Posted on/at 11:28:00 PM by SBdude

Hey people, its another eclipse due to happen again this Wednesday between 9-10am, the last was this year too, during Chinese New Year if you could recalled. According to fortune tellers and ancient practises eclipse can release negative energy which is very detrimental to your luck and your life's journey. As for ancient practises in India although not scientifically proven,I guess they say, we are not supposed to knit, eat, drink or cut anything. This is to avoid bad incidents as it is fill with bad energy in surroundings.

Not sure if you believe in superstitous stuffs but I think maybe you should take some "minor precautions".

Just for an hour, stay indoors and preferbly your comfy home!!

3 Shot(s):

Unknown said...

can sleep? play online games? etc??

SBdude said...

oo..thats perfect !! of cos you can, its recommended =) 1 hour only stay indoor.

SGRMSE. said...

I think eclipses are gorgeous (:

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