Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Transformers 2 Revenge of The Fallen

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Oh yeah..finally got to watch this movie after a last minute call from my friend. Missed some 10mins of the beginning but I don't give a damn bout it as long as I get to watch Megan,oh I mean the movie *ahem*

Welcome Back Megan..Miss Ya Lots !!

This sequel earning $200 million in it's first 5 days in US alone. Unbelievable isnt it ?? It supposed to since being dubbed as the Most Anticipating Summer Movie of The Year for god sake !!

Not gonna review more bout this movie but some spoilers though,not much really =) This time Michael Bay has added some slapstick jokes into the movie makes it more interesting and to be honest some of it are real Funny !! Some noticeable ones are Sam's parents,they are darn funny and cute, Sam's character as we already knew and Robot with testicles?? This examples are enough for him to make a comedy version of transformers,another blockbuster perhaps?? haha =p

There are more Decepticons than the Autobots. And they are as usual, freaking big and I felt they are actually stronger than the latter. Of course,as we know The Good will always win THE BADDIES,agree?? And oh,not to mention a Decepticon in the human female form. and yes, THE FREAKING HOT ONE !! To tell the truth, she's abit over exaggerated and annoying. Plus, Prime fighting against Prime and few Decepticons joined forces with the Autobots.

Some nail-biting-romantic-moment-between-Shia-and-Megan..

Overall the movie was up to my expectation..Not really a perfect 10 but almost there. Too much CGI and SFX but those are negligible,some too fast action movements and also less fightings among the 2 factions. In the end, its worth watching the 2nd time and even more for those fans out there. I really wanna watch it again !!

I Heart The Ancient Prime HIEROGLYPH, I Heart Autobots, I HEART JET-OPTIMUS-FIRE and lastly I HEART MEGAN FOX !!

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