Saturday, June 27, 2009

Karim Benzema - Man United's Next Target ??

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Well, as we already knew <Ronaldo> wont be playing for <Manchester United> next season. His transfer to Real Madrid was so inevitable that £80million is enough to justify his talents and his brandname, perhaps ??

Some choices to take. A.Would you rather stick to your loyal players and hoping that the rest of the squad would step up to take his or B. buy some really good players to fill his void ?? Who would you purchase with that large sum of cold hard cash ??

For sure the answer would be B. A club as big as Man United would entice almost any player to come and play for domestic and European glory. Since Tevez had left for our Blue neighbours, that's nothing to be worried or feel sad about right ?? Im very sure that Sir Alex Ferguson has some tricks up the sleeve. Im very sure he could persuade Benzema to Old Trafford next season.

This player at a tender age of 21 has proven domestically and internationally that he could score goals from everywhere and could ward off tough defences with his pace and skills. And at his age, the right club for him definitely would be MANCHESTER UNITED !! Why ?? just look back at the history of buying young players.<Ronaldo, Rooney, Ando, Nani>, and not to mention the <Da Silva> twins.

Below £35million would be alright but not more although ManU has the cash because I dont think any other team would wanna buy overpriced players except for you-know-who-and-which-team-by-the-name-of-Real-Madrid. That enough said that it would be a dream come true to see all 3 Rooney, Benzema, Berbatov playing together certainly a formidable partnership !! <Glory Glory Man United> !!

On the way to Old Trafford ??

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